Tyler Perry And The Faux Empowerment of Black Women

Tyler Perry’s films propagate capitalism, greed, colorism, abuse, patriarchy, and the perpetuation of stereotypes. So why exactly was the director chosen to headline a women’s empowerment luncheon this weekend?

Many words reverberate when I find the strength to watch a Tyler Perry film: violence, misogyny, HIV/AIDS, stigma, stereotypes, dependency, greed, classism, and others. The one word that never leaves my lips, however, is “empowerment.”

So imagine my surprise when I realized that Mr. Perry was headlining Women’s Empowerment 2014, and before the same women his films often denigrate. Like Mr. Perry, I too have male privilege but unlike him, my career is not based on the vilification of black women by using archaic and grossly problematic caricatures under an “empowerment” guise.

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