‘Stealthing’ Is Just Rape by a Different Name

Lately I have been seeing “stealthing” on my social media timelines. Intrigued, and likely against my better judgment, I searched for clearer meaning. In short, stealthing is when a man intentionally removes or damages his condom without his partner’s knowledge and/or consent. While stealthing may not be a new phenomenon, we should make no mistake about what to call it: sexual assault.

There is unspeakable vulnerability in sex and bodily pleasure, particularly deciding when and if to engage in condomless sex. Allowing oneself to be penetrated, granting another human being intimate access to one’s body, leaves a person vulnerable. This is true no matter how many times it has been performed. Although, in previous articles, I’ve focused on sexual intercourse without condoms, there has always been one critical theme: consent. That’s because the decision to have sex—and, more importantly, how we choose to have sex—should never rest within just one person.

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