NRA’s racist propaganda will get Black people killed

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is no stranger to using white supremacist rhetoric to target Black people. Founded in New York in 1871, the NRA is a U.S.-based organization for firearms safety training, shooting skills, and most significantly, gun owners’ rights advocacy. NRA boldly hails itself as the oldest civil-rights organization, a claim as laughable as it is fictitious. What is factual, however, is the historical anti-Blackness of the NRA and that is clear with its latest recruitment video—an all-time-low, even for this racist organization.

In a short, 1 minute and 4 second clip, the NRA exposes viewers to America’s longest, never ending tradition: racism. Though the video— ‘The Violence of Lies’—stops just short of explicitly calling for violence against Black and brown people, it’s rather simple to understand the video’s intention.

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