Limit(less) Reminds Us That Africans Can Be Queer, Too, and Debunks Stereotypes

For centuries, U.S.-based evangelical Christians have traversed the continent of Africa spreading messages of homophobia and transphobia against the LGBTQ community.

People like Scott Lively, an anti-gay extremist, for example, who was subjected to the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts (pdf) because of his travel abroad to promote Uganda’s anti-gay propaganda—the Anti-Homosexuality Bill—in 2014. Although the law was annulled that same year, it did not change widespread perceptions of how LGBTQ people were viewed: as toxic, immoral and ungodly.

This misperception—the colonialism, pillaging and thievery—has led to one unfortunate misapprehension: that people cannot be both African and LGBTQ. Queer Nigerian American Mikael Owunna resists this rhetoric in his groundbreaking project Limit(less).

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