Get Out Proves That ‘Nice Racism’ and White Liberalism Are Never to Be Trusted

Last year was a difficult time for many black people in America. We saw now-President Donald Trump making his way to executive power through sheer racist, sexist vitriol. We witnessed the continued state of institutional violence against black bodies, such as those of Korryn GainesKeith Lamont Scott and Terence Crutcher. Black people saw the deaths of many beloved celebrities, like legends Prince and Muhammad Ali.

It was apparent that now more than ever, we needed something that spoke to our experiences, even if that outlet was in the form of a fictional film representation. But Get Out also spotlighted a pervasive problem in this country: “Nice” racism and white liberalism are never to be trusted.

In October 2016, Get Out released its official trailer of only two minutes and 33 seconds, and took the world by storm. Although I didn’t know the specifics, here is what I knew: The movie involved a black man (Chris), a possibly “progressive” white woman (Rose Armitage) and, for the first time I could remember, a black man publicly showing just how frightening it can be to trust white America.

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