Dear Miley Cyrus: Hip-Hop Culture Never Needed You and It Won’t Miss You

We often see celebrities evolve before our very eyes, for better or for worse, especially if we have been exposed to them since childhood. Beyoncé, for example, went from creating mainstream pop music to making music more reflective of black women’s lived experiences in her critically acclaimed Lemonade.

Then there are celebrities like Miley Cyrus. These are the so-called artists who have spent so much of their careers exploiting black people for profit that their “evolution” is nothing more than a transparent attempt to regain trust from white people, especially in the Trump era, where white-identity politics reign supreme.

Despite rising to fame in the music industry because of hip-hop producers like Mike Will Made-It, in a recent Billboard magazine interview, Cyrus claimed that she is no longer a fan of the hip-hop “scene,” citing misogyny as the main reason for her disenchantment.

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