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Your Conditioning Has Been Conditioned: Why Sexual ‘Preference’ Is Political

Though not straightforward, there is a connection between who we think is desirable and whose life has value within a white supremacist country like the United States. This question of value came to a head in the candidacy and unfortunate election of Donald Trump.

What has become even truer now is that the status quo is in real danger of getting worse. Because of that, it is critical that we as a society, particularly as black people who are often relegated to the bottom, begin to look at the ways we disconnect from one another. We should prioritize “sticking together” as a community across race, class, sexuality, gender and gender identity, and expression lines, even if those lines are occasionally blurred.

It is necessary—lifesaving, even—to have an open and honest dialogue about how we are marginalizing ourselves, even in our own bedrooms.

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