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Trump’s all-white Chicago trip is further confirmation he doesn’t care about black people

residential hopeful Donald Trump has made numerous and mostly frightening commentsabout “black-on-black” crime in Chicago.

And no matter how illogical he sounds, he continues to speak about violence in ways that only blame black people for problems rooted in white supremacy. This is what makes it incredibly odd that he wants the American people, including black people, to believe that he is the best person to end daily police violence against black communities (and apparently against ourselves).

He’s concerned so much about black people that he took a trip to Chicago Wednesday and decided to only talk to white people.

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Black people giving police officers ‘free hugs’ won’t save black lives

Black people are being executed by those sworn to protect us.

But not to worry, because Ken Nwadike has a plan: Give police officers hugs to humanize them and to show that “violence is not the answer.”

It’s no secret that tensions between black people and American police officers are at an all-time high — and rightfully so. It isn’t just isolated incidents of violence against black people that cause this already toxic relationship to increase but rather a history of crimes committed against black bodies that are often exonerated in our court systems.

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Lack of compliance? No, Terence Crutcher’s crime was being black

Monday, we watched Terence Crutcher die on video tape.

The video depicts yet another scary tale of what it’s like being a black person in America — whether one is armed or not. The video very clearly shows Crutcher, hands raised, being shot and tased by white officers.

Crutcher, like so many black people before him, was following orders from law enforcement. So it’s time to finally admit that complying with the law won’t save us from police officers.

Our lack of compliance isn’t the issue; our blackness is.

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Why I’m OK With Speaking Ill Of The Dead: On Phyllis Schlafly And Respecting The Living

We should not pretend that someone is amazing at death when they were wicked at life.

People often say to “not speak ill of the dead.” I, too, was guilty of using this popular catchphrase until I realized that changing the way I spoke about someone at death created a wicked lie of how they lived their life. This especially applies to homophobic, anti-feminist people like Phyllis Schlafly.

Schlafly died on Monday at the age of 92. As difficult as it is to acknowledge, she was one of the most prominent conservative organizers of the 1970s, even helping to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)—from which the feminist movement(s) took years to recover—which explicitly prohibited gender- and sex-based discrimination. In 1972, the ERA was passed by Congress but later failed when enough states did not ratify. This was due to Schlafly’s intense activism against women’s rights.

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