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Is Rape Culture Getting Worse?

“If only you didn’t get drunk…If only you didn’t wear that short skirt…If only you didn’t dance so provocatively.” If you are familiar with these expressions, chances are, you understand—at a minimum—the power of living in a society that promotes rape culture.

But if you think rape culture and victim-blaming has reached an all-time high, think again. As Dahlia Lithwick eloquently stated in a recent Slate article, “when it’s the easy cases that start to make bad law, it’s really time to worry.” If we have learned anything from a recent Montana decision that epitomized rape culture and victim blaming, it’s that we should be worried.

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Falling (Back) in Love With Myself

First dates tend to be awkward. They require people to step outside their comfort zone to get to know someone who could be completely wrong for them. It demands an increased vulnerability that, quite frankly, many are tired of giving. Dating can be exhausting, and like most people, I’ve had my share of good ones and those that were not so good. Throughout these experiences, “why are you single?” is one question that remains consistent.

When this question is asked, I immediately think, Did it just happen again? Should I think of something that sounds like I’m “worth” another date? Is it best to play it cool and make a joke out of it? Or none of the above? Instead of answering honestly, I usually redirect the conversation and say, “But doesn’t your question assume I want to be in a relationship? Social construction says so, but what if I don’t necessarily want to be in one?” Bad move, but how could I be honest enough to say, “Because I fell out of love with myself, and only I can get it back”?

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